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Beginners Guide to Drone Racing

by admin

Drone racing is new sport developed on the heels of technology. Drones are becoming better as the technology advances even further. The sport combines high-tech drones and high-speed racing and people are loving it.

But first things first. If you are a beginner and plan to enjoy this sport, you need to review our beginners guide for Drone racing. We cover everything you need to know from buying a drone to actually racing one.

Getting ready to race

Choosing a Drone

Piloting a drone or a quad copter isn’t as easy as it seems. Plan on crashing a lot until you become well-trained. So we suggest buying a cheaper one to start with.  Why?  Because crashing a full-size, high tech drone can be expensive and dangerous. Later, when you are more experienced, you can buy a fully equipped drone built specifically for racing.

Take our advice, start with a micro-quad because you will be able to learn in a fun, safe and inexpensive way. There is a wide choice of micro-quads on the market so have at it.  When you decide that you are ready for a full-blown racing drone you then need to decide whether you want to buy it or build it.  Like most racing vehicles, if you have the skill to build it you have a distinct advantage.

You will know what’s in your drone and you will have the skill to repair it yourself.   However,  the majority of drone pilots begin by purchasing ready-to-fly (RTF) drones. There are a lot of decent RTF drones available in the market from which to choose and it is a good way to get started.

What’s in your Drone

Once you have built or purchased your drone, you need to become familiar with the essential elements of your drone:

  • Frame
  • 4 motors
  • 4 props
  • 4 ESCs
  • Li Po battery
  • Video transmitter and receiver
  • Radio transmitter and receiver
  • Flight controller
  • Battery straps
  • Goggles or monitor
  • Antennas for remote control signals
  • An HD camera for First Person View (FPV)

Always have spare parts available. You never know when your battery will run out of juice or your drone will crash. Better to be prepared for a quick repair than to be without parts.


There are two types of classes in Drone racing:  Beginner or Spec Class or Advanced or Open Class.  There are no limits in the latter class.

Types of Drone Racing

Similar to car racing, drones have three types of racing:

  • Drag Race- A short distance race, usually 100m between two or more drones. This race will test the acceleration and speed.
  • Rotor cross- A full course race where two or more drones compete to win by crossing the finish line.
  • Time Trail- A full course race, where the time to finish the course is the test.

General Safety

Safety is important to enjoy anything.   Check your equipment before you take off.  It is better to check your drone’s signal transmitters and video receiver before flying.  The Li Po batteries can be hazardous so never charge them indoors or leave them unattended. And one more thing, don’t fly when you are high!

Enjoy this sport as a sport and a hobby. Learning and knowing guidelines and safety precautions make the sport safe and entertaining for everyone. Now go pick out your drone!

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