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Drone Racing for Beginners

by admin


If you have been into drones for a while and are just tired of flying around and taking pretty pictures you might consider jumping into another category – drone racing.

Racing drones really get the heart pumping, the adrenaline rushing and keep the nerves on edge.  If you like excitement, you will love drone racing.  There are a variety of racing categories from straight drag racing to racing a circuitous route with obstacles and avoiding them while speeding along at 100 miles an hour definitely takes skill.

You may need additional equipment like a First-Person View (FPV) headset which is worn over your eyes and mounted to the camera on the front of the UAV.  Once the race starts it is over in three to four minutes often with just a couple of craft finishing the course.  The FPV goggle places the pilot in the cockpit of the drone so they receive the full effect of the race.  These goggles first came into use in Australia in 2014.

Drone racing actually began with Remote Controlled model planes usually powered with fuel-powered engines.  These have since been replaced with electric powered quadcopters.  Quadcopters are currently preferred because of their agility, stability, and ease of handling.  They are constantly being modified with advanced technology and the smaller the drone the easier it is to maneuver in tough spots.

Drone racing is not for everyone because it can become expensive.  The drone itself and the FPV goggles are just the beginning.  After that, you will need things like extra batteries, battery chargers, a special remote control and other parts for repair.  You will also be ahead of the game if you are capable of maintaining, repairing and modifying your own drone.

When looking to purchase a drone, there are certain things to research.  You start with the fastest off-the-shelf drone you can buy.  Then you begin fine tuning it and modifying it to fit your needs and racing style.  Things like stronger batteries, removing unnecessary parts to lighten the craft, and adjusting the camera.

Before you buy anything, do some research on the internet and Facebook.  There are a lot of drone groups you can go to for information and numerous articles published each week.  Find out what is recommended before you dive in and buy the wrong thing.

Once you are set to go begin with baby steps.  Casually fly the drone without your goggles to see it in action.  This will help control the craft while testing your remote control.  Once you are comfortable with that take the next step and strap on the goggles and fly in open space until you get the feel.  The last step is setting up obstacles and learning the fastest way around them without crashing.  You will want to become experienced before trying the last step.  You will want to learn how to flip, roll and dive without hitting the ground or other obstacles.

Once you have mastered all of this you might be ready for the circuit.  Check the internet for racing clubs and events in your area then give it a shot.  You might be coming home with a big prize.

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