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Jerry and Tere


In trying to come up with decent products and after careful analysis, Jerry and Tere decided that with the advancement of drones from military to commercial use this might be the perfect niche.

Jerry and Tere Say Drones Are Here to Stay

RC helicopters have been around a while and hobbyists are turning their attention to RC drones as well. As a buyer of a small RC helicopter, I can understand the fascination. For as little as $25 a person can purchase a small helicopter and crash it to their heart’s content with very little damage. It is a good introduction before investing large dollars in something more advanced.

This is a Blog and information site for drones and the drone industry.  We will be focusing on changes in the industry, the introduction of drone racing across the world and advances on the products and accessories.

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If you choose to sign up for our latest Blog posts we are offering a FREE Ebook Titled “Send In The Drones.” It is easy to read 45-page Ebook including the history of drones, drone uses, and future of the industry.

It is our intention to continue to offer new products, as they become available at the most competitive prices we can. We are now offering a full blown E-commerce site specializing in drones, drone accessories, racing drones and mini drones.

Any comments or feedback on this or any of our other websites will be greatly appreciated. Please contact us at jerry@dronesandotherspystuff.com

Jerry and Tere

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