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Drones 4 Fun

New DJI Software Makes Drones Easier to Fly

by admin
    About the Author Guest Post By:  Jose Antunes Jose Antunes is a writer and photographer with, among other things, a passion for aviation. He wanted to be a pilot and although he never did get his license, he has been in touch with aviation in multiple ways, as a photographer and writer. For six years, starting 2002, he was executive editor of the Airline Pilots Association magazine in Portugal, Sirius, and a regular contributor to Flight Magazine, publications where he got to report some of the pioneer news on UAVs. He’s the author of the book “Six Years […]

Flying Drone Defibrillator Will Save Lives

by admin
Guest Post By: Eleazer Corpuz Drones are showing up in such a wide variety of fields as of late, with its uses ranging from farming to package deliveries; it seems that people keep on finding new ways to utilize this new technology. Now, they can also save lives. Researchers from the University of Toronto have found a new use for these drones in the medical field. Their idea is to have drones deliver Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) directly to people who have just suffered a heart attack. If it seems familiar, it’s because that it has been done before and their […]

Hobby Drones Affected by New FAA Rules

by admin
Guest Post:  by John Goglia FAA Role to Change for Hobbyists Fast-forward to more recent times. For decades the FAA did not regulate hobby flying at all. Flying clubs—many under the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA)—had safety guidelines meant to ensure the safe operation of model aircraft and fueled many an aviation career. In 1981, the FAA put out an advisory circular suggesting some non-mandatory safety guidelines for flying model aircraft. Then, with the Pirker case, the FAA began its march to regulating model aircraft, culminating in the new federal aviation regulations applicable to anyone who flies a model aircraft regardless of its size or weight, location of […]

Intel’s Ready to Fly Drone Kit Will Take Off Next Month

by admin
A drone with a RealSense 3D camera built using Intel’s Aero Compute Board (credit Intel) Guest Post by:  Agam ShahU.S. Correspondent, IDG News Service Drone kit will include all components needed to build a drone, including rotors and a flight controller   It’s fun to buy a drone from a store, but perhaps more satisfying to build one from scratch. Intel in December will start shipping a fully loaded drone kit to let you do just that, with all the parts including the rotors, software, 3D camera and flight controller. Intel’s Aero Ready to Fly Drone kit will go on […]

FAA Drone Rules Could Kill Hobby Interest

by admin
  FAA rule changes may deter hobbyists Guest Post:  by John Goglia No, this isn’t an article about rogue drones or what we have to fear from drones in the hands of novice fliers. Far from it. This is about how the FAA’s new drone rules—a real boon for commercial operations—have quite the opposite potential effect on hobbyists (particularly students) and on teachers.   The FAA has determined they are “commercial” operators in all but the most limited circumstances. The FAA has underplayed this potential impact, including posting misleading information on its UAS websites. I strongly believe in the importance of educational and hobby flying with minimum […]

UK’s First Drone Race Set for June 2017

by admin
With backing from big broadcasters like ESPN and Sky Sports, drone racing is already making its mark on TV. The Drone Racing League’s (DRL) inaugural five race season is now two races deep, having visited Miami and Los Angeles, but the company is already thinking ahead to next year’s championship. After revealing that the UK would host its first professional drone race in 2017 back in September, the DRL today confirmed that the winner-takes-all season finale will be hosted at London’s iconic Alexandra Palace on June 13th. Professional drone racing, if you’re not aware, sees pilots compete in four “level” events […]

Drugs and Drones Not a Good Combination

by admin
Guest Post By:  Jake Swearingen Since at least 2012, people have been using small RC drones to smuggle contraband, whether it’s bringing in kilos of heroin from Mexico into the United States or attempting to drop off bundles of drugs in prison rec yards. Below, six tales of drones making smuggling runs, sometimes successfully, sometimes not so much. 1. Baltimore, MarylandTwo men were busted outside of the Western Correctional Institution near Baltimore, Maryland, after police claim they attempted to use a drone smuggle drugs, tobacco and pornography into a prison. The quadcopter was nabbed before it could even take flight, […]

New Mexico to Attract Drone Racers with New Event

by admin
Spaceport America is an FAA-licensed spaceport located on 18,000 acres of State Trust Land in the Jornada del Muerto desert basin in New Mexico, United States directly west and adjacent to U.S. Army’s White Sands Missile Range LAS CRUCES – Better technology and lower prices are helping drones to make their way into the hands of the American public. And Spaceport America officials are hoping to tap into that burgeoning interest by hosting the facility’s first drone summit, slated for Nov. 11-13 at the southeastern Sierra County spaceport. The state Spaceport Authority is hoping to draw between 500 and 1,000 participants, exhibitors and spectators at the inaugural event, which […]

India Uses Drones to Track Illegal Mining

by admin
Guest post: By Rina Chandran MUMBAI, India – India’s mines ministry has told state governments to explore the use of drones to check illegal mining, as officials crackdown on an activity that has led to deforestation and the use of child labor. A satellite-based mining surveillance system was launched last month, and the ministry is now exploring the use of unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, to curb instances of illegal mining, said a notification dated Nov. 1. Drones can be used to monitor illegal mining activities, check for activity at night and to track illegal truck movements, said Prithul Kumar, a […]

What is DSMX?

by admin
DSMX builds upon the incredible DSM2 technology you have come to know and trust. After years of development and in the field use, DSMX is an evolution of DSM2 2.4 GHz technology, destined to deliver the most robust, reliable, and efficient level of RF link possible in the modeling world today. DSMX is for those modelers who enjoy attending mega events where large numbers of 2.4 systems are on at once. Another great part about all of this is the forward/backward compatibility of DSMX to DSM2 is such that no current technology becomes orphaned with the release of today’s or […]
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