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Helicopters fighting fire in CA Grounded by Drones

by admin
Guest post by: Megan Geuss/ARS Technica On Friday, a wildfire northeast of Los Angeles spread so quickly that it jumped onto I-15 during gridlock, forcing passengers to flee as the flames engulfed their vehicles. But amid the chaos, helicopters were grounded for 20 minutes due to firefighting’s most futuristic nuisance—drones. Fire fighting northeast of Los Angeles halted by errant drones Lawmakers Want Fines and Jail Time In an incident overview, the US Forest Service wrote that “An Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS or drone) halted tanker operations for about 25 minutes on Friday afternoon, but operations soon resumed.” CNN reports that there […]

Wildfire Season Ramps Up – Drones Still an Issue

by admin
Firefighters working to contain a wildfire in the San Gabriel Mountains of Southern California were temporarily thwarted this weekend when pilots for the Monrovia Fire Department (MFD) spotted a few private drones in their path. For low-flying fire-fighting planes carrying fire retardant and smoke jumpers, an errant drone could mean life or death for the pilot and any crew. As such, the fire department decided to temporarily ground all aircraft on Saturday morning. Drone Over Forest Fire Cost Forest Service $10K That Decision can be a frustrating one for firefighters and residents of a fire-affected area because there’s always the potential […]

Is Your Drone Being Hacked?

by admin
Guest Post by: Dan Goodin/ars Technica The advent of inexpensive consumer drones has generated a novel predicament for firefighters, law-enforcement officers, and ordinary citizens who encounter crafts they believe are interfering with their safety or privacy. In a series of increasingly common events—several of them chronicled by Ars—drones perceived as trespassing have been blown out of the sky with shotguns. Firefighters have also complained that hobbyist drones pose a significant threat that sometimes prompts them to ground helicopters.                                             […]

MLB Pitcher Misses Start Due to Drone Injury

by admin
ndians’ right-hander Trevor Bauer introduces the drone that recently opened a 10-stitch cut on the little finger of his right hand at a press conference Sunday at Rogers Centre. Bauer, scheduled to start Game 3 of the ALCS on Monday against Toronto, missed his Game 2 start Saturday in Cleveland because of the cut. (Christopher Katsarov, The Canadian Press via AP) Trevor Bauer Admits Being a Drone Nerd Everyone has their hobbies. And Trevor Bauer, pitcher for the Cleveland Indians, likes to build racing drones. And anyone that has ever built racing drones know they need a lot of maintenance […]

Top Four Drones Under $90

by admin
No one in their right mind can argue drone activity is on the rise and more than likely will continue to grow.  You can’t attend a playground or park where there isn’t at least one drone in the air. And like with all technology the prices fluctuate dramatically depending on your drone aspirations.  Do you want a drone with a camera, long battery life, for commercial or private use?  Are you interested in the booming racing drone industry, where you can try your hand at formula drone racing at over 80 mph?  There seems to be a drone for everyone. […]

Local Drone Racers Push for Qualifier in 2017

by admin
Drone racers ready to take off Boise Group Pushes to use Les Bois Race Track   As fast as drone racing is spreading across the country and around the world it cannot get here to Boise fast enough for me.  The drone industry in general, is booming and technology advances every day but the drone racing industry is taking giant steps and they are looking to make a footprint here in Boise by 2017. There already is a community of drone racers in the Boise area that race competitively and individual pilots in the area that are competing nationally but […]

Aerix Releases a Racing Drone for Beginners

by admin
  The Black Talon Micro FPV Racing Drone I am excited. I have been writing about the boom of drone racing for six months and I intend to really get involved locally and nationally. The cost has been a factor, however, along with having the necessary time to devote to the learning curve. New FPV Racing Drone by Aerix I may have just overcome the cost factor, at least for now, with a new racing model put out by Aerix called the Black Talon Micro FPV. Racing drones can be difficult to operate if you’ve never flown them before, and […]

Drone Racing Blossoming

by admin
This is the winning drone flight at Liberty Science Center First Annual Event (Courtesy of Life Sciences Center)   Love of the Sport Bringing Tightknit Community This past weekend there were a couple of drone sporting events including the Liberty Cup in New Jersey.  The two-day event featured around one hundred pilots competing in the time trials.  Then for the twenty-four fastest it was single elimination with three-laps determining the finishers.  The top three finishers were determined by earning points throughout the day.  Three solo pilots and one freestyle competitor earned a spot in the US Drone Nationals to be […]

New Drone Hits Market: Trying to be All in One

by admin
http://drones4fun.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/Introducing-Teal_-Worlds-Fastest-Production-Drone.mp4 Guest Post by:  Mike Murphey Most consumer drones on the market right now are really good at being flying cameras. Some can follow you around on their own, and some can avoid obstacles pretty well. But without a lot of modification, most of them aren’t particularly good at doing much else. Now, a new drone company called Teal wants to make drones modular, so that one system can better suit the needs of its consumers. Company Founded Last Week Teal was officially founded on Wednesday (July 20) by 18-year-old George Matus. Barely out of high school, Matus is a […]

Save $ Building Racing Drone with 3D Printer

by admin
Guest Post by: Alicia Miller How many of us out there would like to enter drone racing but find it is a little too expensive?  With the growing popularity of drone technology and drone racing among the general public, more and more novice users are looking to get involved in the exciting pastime. Unfortunately, most enthusiasts are at a disadvantage, facing steep price tags and bulky, unsafe designs. The cheapest FPV drone on the market right now starts at a hefty $170. Thankfully, with emerging 3D printing technology, the activity can eventually become less elusive with a bit of imagination. Users […]
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