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Drones 4 Fun

Drones Will Soon Be Racing on ESPN

by admin
  Can This Become A Legitimate Spectator Sport? I am excited about being at the beginning of a new technological era and I am talking about the spreading of drone racing throughout not only this country but the world.  It has just been announced that ESPN has added legitimacy to the sport of racing drones by bringing it on board. Many of us are still adjusting to the fact that drones are becoming a real part of our life and it is only going to flourish.  Then there are the drone enthusiasts that are looking for more than just a […]

Experience the Thrill of Drone Racing

by admin
If you are a drone enthusiast futzing around in your neighborhood with an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) wondering what to do with it, you might consider drone racing. Like any type of racing this is not for the feint at heart. But the adrenaline rush and excitement are the same as racing any type of vehicle. Drone racing clubs (DRC) are beginning to pop up in every major city not only in the US but in Europe, Australia and New Zealand as well. Drone Racing Clubs Formed World Wide In addition to small local clubs there are leagues being formed […]

Drone Racing What A Gas

by admin
All those who have heard of drone racing raise your hand. I will bet those of you who read this article are also in the minority. I had never heard of it until I came across a recent article out of New Zealand where apparently it is becoming quite a sport. The article was discussing how there is a new breed of drone enthusiasts which gives users an “exhilarating out-of-body experience.” New Drone Racing Club Formed It went on to discuss a newly formed drone racing club known as Rotorcross which has started a national drone racing championship and believe […]

Drone Pilot Wanted 4 Fun And Profit

by admin
This is what is exciting about a new industry. It not only often provides jobs, but also new opportunities. This is also the case for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) also known as drones. This virtually untapped industry has already provided jobs in the software and hardware industry, now there is a new business venture in San Francisco advertising drone pilot wanted. As the FAA continues to offer exemptions until it can fully figure out how to regulate the entire industry more industries are seeing the potential for the use of drones in their business and demand is beginning to grow. Like many […]
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