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A little History of Drone Racing

by admin

Sports Enthusiasts Listen Up

Having their personal drone is pretty much what every guy desires. It is exciting the things you can do with a drone. Even racing is done via drones. If you are a sports enthusiast, you would love to do it. Drone racing is a type of motorsport with the player flies and controls a drone having a camera. Almost all races use FPV or first person view/first person video technology these days. They wear a head mounted display to see where they are flying. The objective is to complete the assigned course as soon as possible and before the other players. It first started in Australia in 2014. The head mounted display players wear gives an effect as if they were sitting in a cockpit. Some players even use FPV goggles that help the player experience a more realistic feeling.

FPV racing was started with RC planes but now, RC planes have been replaced by multi-rotor drones. They are preferred because of their agility, stability, and convenience to handle. Many innovations have been introduced in planes to win the races. People are starting to make much smaller drone than their standard size. It makes it easier to control the drone escape from narrow places. With the invention of tiny FPV planes, the trend of drone racing gas increased immensely. No wonder it might soon become a proper sport.

Get the Right Kind of Equipment

If you want to start drone racing, you should have the proper equipment. Things you need are racing drones, batteries, charger for batteries, a remote controller for drones, FPV goggles and a head mounted display. Before buying drones, a certain standard should be kept in mind to be sure that if it is appropriate for racing. Speed is the most important criteria to buy a drone. To win a race, it is obvious that a fast drone is needed. Normal drones have a speed of around 35mph but for racing drones, speed can be as much as 50mph or sometimes even more. A Certain measure can be taken to achieve a higher speed. Such as use of more powerful batteries, reduction of the size of a drone by removing useless stuff. Another important component is a camera attached to the drone. The camera should be high definition and durable. A good flight controller is just as much important. To have the command on your drone and tilt and turn efficiently, a good quality controller is crucial. You should go for a durable drone because there is great chance of crashing the drone into things while flying. Buy a drone that will not break so easily and can be repaired after a crash.

Take Your Time Learning to Fly

After buying the equipment, the most important step is learning to fly the drone. It can be started by casually flying the plane without FPV equipment. It will teach you to control the drone. This flying is called line of sight and it is used to test the drone. After learning to fly, the practice can be done with FPV equipment. Flying the drone through the congested and crowded places is quite a tricky task, much more difficult than flying in an open space. After learning to fly smoothly with FPV equipment, the next goal can be how to fly around obstacles and tackle things coming in your way. Learn to fly faster, learn to fly high, learn to fly near to ground, learn how to tackle a tree or another drone without crashing yours. To fly for races, other tricks like flips, rolls and dives are also important to be learnt.

Once you master the art of flying your drone and controlling it, you are good to go for races. With a few races after gaining experiences, it would become much easier.

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